Developing the most innovative futbol experience in the world.

Fútbol Coalition is acquiring underdeveloped and underutilized soccer assets around the world.

FC is reinventing club ownership and operation. Many clubs around the world are beloved by their local fans and community but have not reached their full potential – on and off the field!

At FC, we look for unique opportunities:

  • A club full of history and passion, but down on it’s luck
  • A local community excited to embrace global fans
  • A beautiful place where global fans want travel and spend time
  • An opportunity capable of incredible value creation

Clubs in locations you want to visit

Having a physical location where fans and supporters want to bring their families. A welcoming community where experiences are made.

Creation of entertainment value

Fútbol is played on the field, but life experiences are holistic. The venue, the local area, the bars… the pre-game energy, the post game celebration. It all matters.

Promotion within the best futbol leagues in the world

When our clubs are excelling on the field and have an opportunity to be promoted, we want them promoted to the top global futbol leagues.

Player Development for the future

When the focus and pressure moves away from winning every game to developing our club athletes into world class players, we create lasting impact on our younger generation of futbol talent. We focus on developing for the future within our academies and residency programs, for both men and women.

The FC model is focused on creating a world class soccer experience for everyone

Six core pillars of the FC model come together to create a unique platform that enables fans, players and followers of futbol an unmatched relationship with the game.